Love, Art, Life

Love, Art, Life

Monday, May 28, 2012

Every Day is Like Christmas!

One of the best things about getting one's own Vintage Trailer is that everyday is like Christmas!

There's nothing like the feeling of coming home to little packages at your door which have carried vintage treasures from around the country.   Packages like this one:

Let's open it up, shall we?

 I am so excited for this to arrive.  Ideally I would love for The Pearl to be filled with vintage treasures.  I am adding things slowly though, looking for the perfect items that are functional, not too weighty, and most importantly can withstand being handled repeatedly by a family of eight and possibly flying through the air should something drop or come open in travel.
oooooh the anticipation!!

 And here they are!  The beautiful vintage salt and pepper shakers I ordered in one online community or another.  I absolutely love them!  Especially since we had a tragic mishap before our last trip and lost a  glass pepper shaker that belonged to my Gramsy.  It was part of a set.   Thankfully it was my own fault.

Here's a closer look!

What is it my sister always reminds me?   "See the glass as already broken...."   well not these babies.  These look like they're built to last forever.  That's one of my favorite thing about vintage treasures.  Planned obsolescence was only it's infancy and manufacturers still cared about the products they made.

And then there was this one:
They look so unassuming, don't they?

 But to me it really is like Christmas morning.
 so the kids and I tore open the wrapping....

And another treasure is ours to use while out camping.

All these things bring back such fond memories.  Memories of Gramsy's kitchen.  Each meal lovingly cooked to perfection.  A simpler time.  Good memories.  Before pollution and the hole in the ozone.   Before the technological revolution that saps all our free time and energy.  Before it became 'unsafe' to play in our own front yards.   Ahhh yes,  those times....  

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