Love, Art, Life

Love, Art, Life

Sunday, October 14, 2012

2nd Annual Ride The Wild Surf Vintage Trailer Rally

It was like stepping back in time....

 Streets lined with vintage cars and trailers.  People dressed to fit the scene.  Some riding around on their darling vintage bicycles.  It really was a sight to see.   Especially during open house time when many people moved their modern cars from their spots and dressed up for the 'best vintage costume' contest.  There was also a best dressed trailer contest, a potluck and vintage surf movies.  

 My only regret is that I did not go to the open houses or meet anyone.  I wish I could say I took lots of pictures and really captured the feel of the rally, but my 'stress response' kicked in and I took shelter in the Pearls cabin and slept while most of the action was going on.

First we had to check in with the Organizers.  Their setup was amazing!
The Organizers (sorry don't know their names, never met them)
Sign in

The Pearl looked so happy to be there!
(do you see how close those fences are)

Look another Oasis!!

and she's for sale!

 I took all these pics walking around in the evening with the crew and Sobe.  Was wishing I could see the inside of this black and red one.  The open house was from 10 - 2 pm.   Almost all the trailers (except the Pearl) were open so everyone could walk around and check them out.  I however slept through this portion of the events so did not take advantage of this opportunity.   They all had signs in their windows with the make and year of the trailers.  
Many towed their trailers there with their vintage cars

There were Airstreams as far as the eye could see...

Loved all the vintage trucks

the diner (didn't meet anyone actually so I don't know any names)

The Baas' Westerner next to a red Westerner.  ( I already knew them from Prado). 
 The cute couple in the red and tan westerner were interviewed by the travel channel for some special they're going to run.   The couple were dressed in cowfolk attire and their baby in a cow outfit.  So cute!

Oh wait!  I did talk to this lovely couple, but don't think I got their names... 
 This set up was amazing!  See the old fan and radio back there?  And the couch, coffee table, etc.  They looked so comfortable!  Behind the two people sitting on the left there was also an old cabinet style black and white tv with rabbit ears that actually worked.  It was on the whole time.   The evening before as I walked by I spied them watching said tv.  So cute!  Oh, and this is one of the very few I ventured into.  The whole inside was done up in pink!  So pretty!!

this one behind the cute truck was the shiniest trailer ever

more airstreams

This was a trailer and truck designed by one of the Matchbox designers.  He and his lovely wife were kind enough to let me in at this late hour.  There is even a full sized bathroom and shower in there!  He said he had designed a matchbook truck first then thought 'wouldn't it be neat to actually build one?"  

Loved these.  They may have been the most aged.  They were completely authentic
inside very rustic.  The trailer was from before the electricity days.

 The crew taking a much needed break.  I wish I had taken more pics.  I didn't even get a pic of my friend Gretchen and her family, or their lovely trailer.  And one day I shall have to show you Nigel.  I really only took a few of The Pearl and her crew.  I was slightly overwhelmed.  Did I mention the Travel Channel was there filming a special on top of everything else? 

Now that I know what to expect maybe next time I will be better prepared for all the action.  Either that or I'll stick to mini rallys.  :)

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